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Purpose built for specialised sowing: the narrow wisth Vineyard Seeder brings robusr double disc capability and performance to inter-row planting, while the sturdy 320 Roller Drill ensures consistent seed spread, depth and coverage on worked ground.

The Duncan Ag name is synonymous with quality, durability and innovation. They have a comprehensive range of over 14 seeders - each built to the same exacting standards that has been with Duncan since 1865.

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Duncan's Vineyard Seeder has been designed for versatility and ease of use and is ideal for vineyards and orchards.  The simple calibration system allows for accurate setting of seeding rates and the sowing depth is controlled with press wheels and adjustment via a single 'top link'.


  • Large diameter discs to cut through trash
  • Rear foot board
  • Weather skirts to protect seeder units in wet conditions
  • Weigh kit to weigh seed and fertiliser
  • Dual boxes
  • Agitator shaft and vees in the bottom of boxes
  • Peg seeder units with large and small wheel for a variation of seed and fertiliser
  • Covers to protect the ends of the drill.
  • Duncan Ag 320 Roller Drill Image

A top of the line roller drill using the same peg type seeding system as all the Duncan drills.  This unit will handle all seeds from turnips to peas and maize.


  • Rubber encased roller axle bearings
  • 3" roller axles
  • Jack stand
  • Safety chains on drawbar
  • Deflector tabs on each end of the frame
  • Turnbuckle for drawbar adjustment
  • Safety support chain for transport
  • Agitator shaft and vees in bottom of boxes
  • Weigh kit.