Duncan Ag Tine Drill Air Seeders


The Renovator AS series is the latest in Duncan's stable of cost-effective tine drills, combining reliable seeding with ease of use and superior strength and wear.  Proven tungsten 'T' boots mounted on 25mm coil tines retain their shape for optimal seedbed preparation; forced air delivery provides wider coverage for efficient, accurate performance.

The Duncan Ag name is synonymous with quality, durability and innovation. They have a comprehensive range of over 14 seeders - each built to the same exacting standards that has been with Duncan since 1865.

  • Duncan Ag Renovator AS 6000 Image

These machines give you a choice of three different overall drill sowing widths and three different row spacing choices.  All these machines have seed and fertiliser delivery by air and electric drive.  They fold up to the same width for easy transportation.


  • Large split hopper for both seed and fertiliser
  • Choice or 5, 6 or 7 inch row spacings
  • Transport width of 3.1 metres
  • Downwards pressure on folding wings is hydraulically controlled
  • Variable sowing rate - controlled in-cab
  • Heavy duty jack stand
  • Weigh kit with scales.

Renovator AS6000/4800/4000 brochure (1.0MB)

  • AS3500 copy

Designed to be easy to set up and maintain, the Renovator AS3500 and AS3000 provides accurate seeding on flat land or hill country. This fixed frame Renovator - the air seeder version of the MK4 - is robust, reliable and safe.


  • 5, 6 or 7 inch row spacings
  • Twin 700 litre mid mounted split hoppers
  • Large capacity bins for both seed and fertiliser
  • Large loading platform (installed on either side)
  • Superior trash flow
  • Butterfly valve controls different air rates between bins
  • Weigh kit with scales
  • Electronic hectare meter
  • Electronic drive - optional
  • Duncan Ag Renovator AS19

The Renovator AS19 is the air seeder version of the Duncan Renovator Classic model. This gives both a larger capacity hopper and more consistent seed flow.


  • Duncan 'T' Boot creates an excellent seed bed environment
  • Tungsten tile on the leading edge to increase the life of the point
  • Tungsten chip points also available for stony conditions
  • Weigh kit
  • Mechanical drive off ground wheel
  • Drawbar safety chains
  • Simple and accurate air system
  • Full length side mount tread board.

Renovator AS19 brochure (0.5MB)

  • Duncan Ag Renovator AS16 Image

The Renovator AS16 is an air seeder version of the legendary Duncan Renovator Eco Seeder. Designed as an entry level drill for sowing a variety of seeds from clover, rape and swedes through to oats, wheat and peas.


  • Proven 'T' boot and 25mm coil tine for accurate seeding
  • Weigh kit
  • Footboard and handrail
  • Electric driven air bin with simple calibration
  • Disc openers - optional
  • Trailed or 3 point linkage
  • 300 or 500 litre bin option.

Renovator AS16 brochure (0.4MB)