Hardi Self Propelled


RUBICON 6500 / 9000 No compromise

The RUBICON establishes a new class in self-propelled sprayers, designed to meet the productivity demands of large scale New Zealand farmers.  The seamless integration of capacity and width delivers acre eating performance to conquer everyday spraying tasks with ease and ahead of time.  Likewise by increasing the boom width you improve the work rate, which is what matters most when timing is all important.   A 48.5 m boom width represents a 35% increase in work rate over a comparable 36 m boom. 

RUBICON with a 48.5 m boom at 35 km/hr can deliver a work rate of 170 ha/hr.  Keeping the nozzles at the correct height above the target, across the full width of the boom in all operating conditions, present little effort for RUBICON, but is vitally important for good application and performance.  The boom suspension, auto height and stability control systems allow you to lower the boom while protecting it from ground contact.  Lowering the boom reduces spray drift and delivers better application, which gives peace of mind, especially at higher spraying speeds.

It’s never been easier to spray more area thanks to the combination of 9000 litres capacity and 48.5 m booms.

RUBICON delivers beyond expectation with:

• 6500L or 9000L payload
• Front mounted 36.5 to 48.5 m booms
• Unrivalled visibility from a  3.4 m high vantage point
• Road speed 50 km/h (max)
• Spray speed 35 km/h (max)
• 330 or 370 hp Cummins engine
• Low noise level
• Ride beyond expectation
• Excellent boom stability and much, much more

Download the RUBICON 6000 9500 brochure (73.8 MB)


SARITOR 62 Active The evolution continues

The infinitely variable four-wheel drive hydrostatic transmission now combines a 6200 litre capacity main tank with ActivAir fast nozzle control and wide aluminium or steel booms, to put this sprayer in a class of its own!

The cab is generous and uncluttered with ample room and exceptional all-round visibility.

Fixed track width from 3 to 3.5m provides a large stable platform for boom stability.  Four ride-level air bag suspension elements and hydraulic shock absorbers deliver smooth performance and exceptional operator comfort.  Crop clearance is 1.45m POMMIER’S aluminium TR5 and B3 Mega booms are just half the weight of equivalent steel structures, which significantly reduces inertia forces created on headlands while cornering and spraying.

TR5 in widths from 36.5 to 42.5m or B3 Mega 48.5 m combined with AutoTerrain boom height and stability control, delivers outstanding spraying characteristics.

Download the SARITOR 62 Active brochure (35.8 MB)


ALPHA evo 4100 lightweight and rugged

The ALPHA evo with 36m TR5 aluminium boom delivers excellent flotation and sets a new standard in capacity spraying.  A new generation hydrostatic four-wheel drive transmission provides best power to weight ratio and performance.  The three pillar cab gives unparalleled visibility, is spacious, comfortable and is well-appointed for long spraying days and nights.  Tank size of 4100L with 10% over capacity are integrated into the chassis for low centre of gravity, balance and productivity between fills.  FastFill allows quick, easy filling. HARDI fluid system from tank to nozzle delivers precision application to the target every time.  Track width from 1.82 to 3.54 is mechanically adjusted and ground clearance options are 1.2 or 1.65m.  Unmatched boom performance from drift-proof TWIN air booms to 30m and aluminium TR5 to 40m.

Download the ALPHA evo 4100 brochure (26.2 MB)


Presidio 2700 accuracy and uniformity

With 2700 litre capacity and boom widths from 24 to 36m, PRESIDIO is built to optimise design strength, weight distribution and flotation.  The main and flush tanks are integrated into the chassis, providing low centre of gravity and excellent stability.  A powerful pre-emptive OnRate fluid system delivers pressure based application control.  The air-bag suspension gives superb comfort and ride, protects the sprayer and enhances boom performance.  Ground clearance is 1.25m on track widths of 2.0 - 2.5m, or 1.5m on track widths of 2.6 - 3m, makes PRESIDIO ideally configurable for modern precision farming.  Truly optimised spraying results come from combining the best sprayer with the best technology – and the best boom.

Download the PRESIDIO 2700 brochure (37.6 MB)