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Lely has been represented in New Zealand for over 40 years and more than 18 years ago Lely established the first (and so far only) factory owned importer and distributor for grassland machinery in New Zealand.


Lely Mowers, Tedders, Rakes

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Lely logo PMS186 DEF Met schaduw with Innovators in Agriculture

Not all disc mowers are the same!  Lely's unique modular cutter bar concept requires 15-20% less power to drive than conventional oil bath gear drive systems; This equals: maximum output and low power requirements.

All Splendimo disc mowers are fitted with this modular cutter bar. This Lely invention is made up of universal mowing units, which are directly driven by a flexible hexagonal shaft.

Lely Splendimo a model for all conditions

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Lely tedders are synonymous for an excellent spreading and tedding job combined with high outputs.  The main reason is the Lotus hook shaped tine. Well proven after many years, this tine is still unique, ensuring a high output, clean crop pick-up and intensive yet gentle tedding action.

The result is the quickest and most efficient way of drying hay and silage crops whilst maintaining the highest level of quality.

Professional tedding: An art in itself

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Hibiscus rakes are used all over the world under varying, and sometimes extreme conditions.  All machines are therefore ruggedly built with attention for excellent ground contour following.  Since you want to make the most of your precious time, maintenance has been limited to the absolute minimum.  You can rely on a Hibiscus rake in the height of the season to ensure the job gets done.

Hibiscus for technology and durability

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