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In modern farming, cow comfort is a key word. Therefore a barn should represent a natural environment for the cows.

The comfort of the Lely Compedes soft bed provides the cow her freedom of laying without stress, and allows her to perform natural behaviour which will improve milk production.

With the Lely Compedes soft bed you choose a well-tested long lasting product which has already been used on farms for many years.

Lely Compedes

Lely Compedes Specifications

The special foamed plastic underlay out of polyurethane (thickness 20mm) installed loosely on the animal house floor is surrounded by the solid rubber mat from all sides. The rear area of the mat features knobs and webs on the underside, which cover a width of ca. 25 cm.  For this reason, the mat has a gradient of ca. 1.5% in this rear area.

Improves hoof health

Hoof health will improve as more comfortable bedding will contribute to less stress on the hoofs and joints.

In addition cows will enjoy the grip and soft surface to stand up and lay down as on a natural way.

Easy installation and maintenance

The instructions of installation are detailed and understandable. Installation is easy and can be carried out by the farmer. The mats are installed side by side and fixed on the head side with three bolts at determined places. They can be reused because removal does not cause any damage. No maintenance is required for the mats to remain comfortable.

Lely Compedes Dimensions

• Thickness: 32 mm.

• Length: 183 cm.

• Widths: 110, 115, 120 and 125 cm.

For new and existing barns

The Lely Compedes soft bed is a unique cow mattress, specially developed for the modern farmer and consists of a strong rubber mat with an integrated foam-underlayment. The waterproof, non porous top layer in combination with the foam underlay results in a high comfort level, huge applicability and easy way of installation and cleaning. Due to its clever design it will fit in new barns as well as in renovation projects. The Compedes soft bed is easy to clean and has a unique liquid barrier resulting in lower bedding maintenance costs and a substantial increase in hygiene.