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Controlled and safe treatment of your cows

Lely Treatment Box

This unique treatment box has been developed with the ultimate goal that one single person should be able to put a cow in place for treatment in just one minute.

It ensures a unique work site enabling you to peform any conceivable cow treatment in an easy, professional and safe manner.


Lely Treatment BoxThe Lely Treatment Box includes hoists, as well as leg and head lifts.  Besides hoof treatment and surgey, the Lely Treatment Box is suitable for artificial insemination and dry cow therapy, being particularly well suited to automatic millking systems.

The front gate prevents the animal from walking straight through.  The belly band is made of flexible material and adjusts itself to the chest of the cow.  For additional comfort, it is an option to order a rubber mattress for the Lely Treatment Box.

We advise placing the Lely Treatment Box on a concrete platform, which is longer than the box, allowing the cow to step onto a comfortable and safe surface as it leaves the treatment box.




Key Benefits

  • Reliable and solid construction.
  • Cow remains standing still, highly accessible and visible for every treatment.
  • Easy access to the cow from all the sides of the box - provides veterinarian with an optimal place to work.
  • All treatments are possible: claw treatments, injections, flush/implant embryo's, udder treatments, inserting after birth pills, ear tagging, wound treatment, medical surgery, caesarean, abomasum replacement.
  • Easy exit out of the box by opening the front gate.


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